Our Bikes!

Well, some of you have been asking some questions about what kind of equipment we are using for our trip, so I’ll start by explaining the bikes.  We, in our family, are obsessed with bicycles. We have a lot of them.  Mountain, road, cargo, touring, winter, folding, we’ve got’em all!  So, which bikes to take was no simple decision, and is still an evolving process. But, here’s the plan as it stands:

Bike No. 1:  The Bike Friday Family Tandem !


We (Jasper and I).  Love.  This.  Bike.  Love it.  It is so fun.  Not only is Jasper right behind me, the bike is rock solid, holds a ton of gear, has an internal rear hub, and, AND, fits into  2 suitcases!!  Really, what more could you want?  Some people buy electric bikes, not me!  I just put Jasper on the back of the tandem, and away we go!  We’ve had the bike for about 5 years, and have taken it on many trips.  The seatposts shrink and extend to fit right down to a 6 year old up to an adult (Kathleen and I have ridden the tandem together).  Yes, this is my favourite bike, of my 5.

Bike No. 2:  Kathleen’s Folding Montague Bike


This bike is a full-size mountain bike, that folds in half, so it too can fit in a much smaller case than a standard adult bike.  Kathleen rode this from Cornwall to Toronto, and was quite happy with it.  It has a very upright position, carries lots of gear, and is just awesome.  Most of the parts I can replace, I have, with upgraded parts.

Bike No. 3:  Anna Sierra’s Miele TT 650


I unfortunately don’t have any photos of this bike yet, as it is still in the modification stage, but it looks a lot like the bike above (although Anna’s has better components — nothin’ but the best for my girl!).  It is a fantastic 14″ (XSmall) aluminum framed mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes and decent parts.  I’m going to replace the disc brakes with V-Brakes, and the shock fork with a rigid fork, to lighten up the bike.  We aren’t planning any mountain biking, so the shock is overkill.

All of the bikes will be outfitted with front and back racks, and slick but fat road tires, that can handle some gravel, but work on roads.

Well, there you have it!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Pics of Anna’s bike to follow!  I will talk about our awesome panniers, and other equipment, in future blog posts,



3 thoughts on “Our Bikes!

  1. I am waiting to hear about your bike with skies! Probably not this adventure… But possibly another!
    I love your fancy cape Kathleen… You are a super woman in my books!!!💕
    Wishing you continued fun & safe travels!
    Rachel xo


  2. congratulations! That is a fantastic decision.The longer we buy the more I realize that it is important to Have great cycling gear That works for your family. I recently spent a lot of money on two racks From a company named tubus after our rear rack cracked in 3 places. I dId not get the trailer system because I read some reviews that said the attachment system is prone to failure and it is wide. The width would have been a problem in some places for us here because sometimes the bike routes take you on narrow mtb trails. We tried a bob trailer too but found it to be very heavy. So we have lots and lots and lots of panniers! Enjoy the bf! Derek


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