Playgrounds and Hot Chocolate  in the Netherlands

imageimage I hope that everyone’s summers are going very well. We have gotten our system down (finally!!!)imageand the bikes are mostly behaving themselves although by writing this I’ve probably jinxed them:( .

The Netherlands are very beautiful with rolling sand dunes, sparkling wind blown coasts and of course cute windmills sprinkled along the horizon, but everywhere is beautiful in some way. The biking is also amazing, and the thousands of kilometres of path are never lonely, but you probably know this already, or maybe my mom and dad and brother all said this too. No, I’m not planning on telling you about that stuff,I’m here to focus on the important stuff. You think that biking infrastructure and breathtaking views are pretty important? Well… I agree but that is beside the point.

The hot chocolate in Holland is delightful, every creamy sip coats your tongue in delectable cocoa  flavour and then slides down your throat leaving a trail of warmth, the whipped cream is fluffy as a damp, buttery cloud, plus they surve you a cookie with no extra charge, so how could I possibly give the Dutch cafes a bad review???

The Dutch are also really good at making super fun playgrounds, everywhere we have stopped  there are zip lines,huge slippery slides and best of all colourful round metal containers that have a bench all the way around the inside and then a steering wheel that you turn to make yourself spin around and around, faster and faster until you can’t take it anymore. I almost made Jasper sick to his stomach when he went on it with me (whoops!).

Ok I’ve done my duty and let you guys know about all the important stuff so I hope that you have taken some notes because I’ll be quizzing people when we get back. No pressure 😉


4 thoughts on “Playgrounds and Hot Chocolate  in the Netherlands

  1. Hi Guys wonderful to hear of all your adventures. That hot chocolate sounds amazing Anna and love the picture of you in the costume. So glad everyone is so friendly and welcoming to you and your family Much love to you all Marjorie xxxxxooooo


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