Einkhuizen to the coast!

(This is Derek writing)

Well, it has been a little while so I’ll update in multiple posts. We took a rest day in Einkhuizen and visited a fantastic outdoor museum, the Dutch version of Upper Canada Village. The kids loved dressing up in traditional duimageimage

dutch outfits. We left Einkhuizen on the east coast (inland coast) of North Holland and cycled and cycled through more idyllic pasture and farm fields and along the coast. That night we stayed east of Amaterdam in Zeeland campground surrounded by twenty somethings who were very quiet!  The next day we tried to go to Anne Frank house but when we got there at 9 am the wait was 4 hours!  So we went to the Rijksmuseum instead.  image image image

After Amsterdam we headed west to the North Sea coast through Haarlem to a campground among the sand dunes in a national park. Who knew like 70 percent of the Dutch coast is sand dunes parks and lovely bike paths through them?  We also had a huge storm come in off the sea that night and very nearly take our tent down. I had to run outside and repeg the tent in the storm in my undies at 2 in the morning!  The kids were  a bit scared but handled it well. The next day we headed south through The Hague hoping to stay near there so we could go to the Canadian embassy the next day to figure out how to vote (go NDP!). But the. We realized the next day was Sunday!  Well, the road called and we continued along the coast.   so that brings us to August 16. More to come!  All the best everyone,

Derekimage image


5 thoughts on “Einkhuizen to the coast!

  1. Hi Heffernan-Wilkers!!!
    So happy you are having such great adventures and a wonderful time!! Der, you are the best, fixing your shelter and concerned about voting! Anna, great use of adjectives!! Jasper, you look happy! Kathleen, I love your hair!
    lots of love,


  2. Dear Derek, Kathleen, Anna and Jasper,
    I am really enjoying reading about your adventures. It is a great way to learn about the world. I am praying for your protection from dangers. Love, Aunt Lois


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