On to Belgium!

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imageimageimageOkay, so after realizing we couldn’t go to the Canadian Embassy in The Hague, we slept at a campground on the Hook of Holland, a lovely region along the coast with tons of greenhouses. The next day (August 17) we travelled further down the coast and took a ferry to Maasvlant, the Rotterdam port. It is massive!!  Gigantic ships laden with rail cars coming from China passed our little ferry boat.   We continued through MORE dunes and forests and bike paths by the beaches and stayed near Middelburg in Zeeland. That day we were poured on, got lost, went 5 km the wrong direction, and finally made it to our campsite at 7 at night, battling a headwind the whole time. luckily there was a recreation room with a couch and table at the campsite so we just moved in there like it was our house. We met a retired art teacher from the Netherlands who Told us. About how he transferred his skills “selling” art to high school students to selling antiques in is wife’s shop after he retired. Teaching sure gives you lots of skills!  That day we also saw some historical sites — German bunkers and fortifications in this area that formed part of the Atlantik Wall — the German defences that stopped the Allied forces from making serious headway in Europe until D Day.  The pictures you see above were taken at West Kapelle, where on Nov 1 1944 Allied forces landed on the beaches there. We are standing in an actual landing craft.

The next day was drier, and we had high hopes that our laundry that had been wet for about 3 days might finally dry. We spent some time in Vlissengen on the beach as we knew that after today we were heading inland for a few weeks.  You can see a pic above of us on the beach. After lunch we carried on and took a ferry from Vlissingen south towards Belgium. We did say goodbye to the coast (for a few weeks anyway). And also goodbye to The Netherlands. We love you and will return during tulip season!  We headed to Brugge only to have the gps route us straight through downtown at rush hour. I had locked the gps on to a hotel of the same name as our campsite. You know, just because bikes are ALLOWED to go the wrong way on cobble-stoned one-way streets does not mean it is a pleasant experience!  Actually we rode the same streets the next day and had less trouble. More in the next post!  I’ve almost caught up to today!



5 thoughts on “On to Belgium!

  1. ‘Enjoy Belgium. We are looking forward to reading about the next leg of your adventure and we love the pics.

    Yvonne and Reny


  2. Can actually say I’ve cycled around Brugge. Loved the windmills and little bridges. It was a lovely little town. Enjoy and miss you!


  3. Wet is yucky, isn’t it. I totally understand. Hope you are all dry and cozy for this leg of the trip. It is fun following your journey. I, too, love the pictures.


    1. Don’t worry Marnie we now have had 2 straight days of sun!!!

      On Saturday, August 22, 2015, Biking With kids adventure wrote:



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