Brugges and Ghent

Well!  It has been almost a month and the trip has been amazing!  It has exceeded our expectations.  Sure, we have had our challenges and every day has its ups and downs.  But the ups more than make up for the downs.

On with the story! Next stop was Brugges. We stayed in a campground just outside of downtown. The coolest thing we saw was this survivor course in the forest near the campground.  The kids loved it! See the photos below.imageimageWe also loved it when we were heading into the city and the drawbridge raised as we entered through the gate to the old city. image  In the downtown we decided to have an “art class”. Jasper, Anna and I painted what we saw in the main square using water colours.

Our paintings in Brugges!

The next day we cycled to Ghent. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage. It blew us away. We could live there. The campground is located in a sports facility where they were having an international para-tennis competition-they also had mini golf, a velodrome, an outdoor climbing wall, and more. The day we were leaving they hosted an iron man triathlon. My kind of city!  In Ghent we went to castle Gravensteen (great name!), A real medieval castle!  (although it was destroyed during world war two and rebuilt). To top it off a Hollywood film called Emperor was being filmed while we were there!The kids got their pictures taken with some of the extras in the film.  We also stumbled across some beautiful graffiti walls.

It is these instances that really make the trip special. Crazy random events that we happen across in our travels or people we meet by happenstance.

All the best, I’m thinking of everyone who goes back to school soon!


4 thoughts on “Brugges and Ghent

  1. Hi Derek and Family, I have been enjoying your updates of your journey so far. Ghent sounds like a fabulous place. I loved the art around the city as well as the architecture. I hope you continue to have a safe and memorable trip.


    1. Hi Sandi! Thinking of you and the sgc crew as the school year approaches! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog!

      All the best,


  2. Sounds amazing Derek! We wish you continued fun & excitement. What a fabulous adventure for you & your family.
    Memories for a lifetime & beyond! 💕
    Best wishes.
    Rachel & Tom xo


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