Pit crew and a new pump

Sometimes we have flat tires. Luckily the fearless pit crew is always ready. It looks like Derek is working himself out of a job as our family’s head mechanic with Anna Sierra and Jasper taking over.

 In other bike-related news the tandem now has beautiful new fenders – no more mud splattering our two handsome men.

And (drum roll please) after much persuasion we have a new stand up bike pump. It’s anything but lightweight. But Derek (after changing his third flat of the morning – we don’t usually get that many, but we had ridden over glass a few days ago and didn’t realize it was stuck in the tires) was thinking wistfully of his trusty Jo Blow stand up bike pump at home and so I insisted we get him a replacement.

The hand pump wasn’t working very well and Derek was the only one who could fully inflate tubes with it.

I promised to carry the new pump, but unfortunately it didn’t fit on my back rack without banging into my legs. Luckily Anna Sierra, (aka Muscles) who is always saving the day by offering to carry anything – groceries, books, bike tools, laundry – found room for it between two sleeping mats, so it’s now officially part of the team.

Flats, we’re ready for you!

Hope everyone at home is doing well. We are thinking of you and sending you our warmest wishes.




2 thoughts on “Pit crew and a new pump

  1. Glad you have a good pump I am sure worth the extra weight too So wonderful seeing the pictures of you all and hearing of your adventures. Love to you all Marjorie


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