Beaumont Hamel to Amiens

After The Vimy Memorial we headed on to the Beaumont-Hamel Monument, a monument to the approximately 800 Newfoundlanders who were casualties in the battle that took place here on July 1, 1916. It was a completely futile attack, and about 90 percent of the force were casualties and nothing was gained. This monument was particularly moving as the battlefield is preserved as it was in 1916. We were able to walk from where the Nfld regiment went “over the top” to the location of the German machine guns. The trenches are still there. 

This is the view looking toward the nflders. 

We also graves of Carews and Walshes, who quite likely were relatives on Kathleen’s side. Very moving.  

After this we continued south to the cities of Arras, Albert, and Amiens. We struggled with the difficult cycling coming into Arras and decided to try to avoid cities at rush hour. In Albert is where we met Thierry, the owner of a local hardware shop, who let us take shelter at a picnic table in front of his store during the rain. He also told us about his trips to Quebec and some local history. Thanks Thierry!  

Amiens was the next destination and it was beautiful. It has canals through the downtown. 

  I’m going to stop here as the post is getting to big!  All the best,



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