Slightly random daily routine

So I was thinking about what to write when I realized, well you guys knew where we go and what we see you don’t know how we get there every day. So, here is a post about our routine, and what is likely to happen on a normal day ( which we have about every three days).

7:00 (1:00 Ottawa time) Daddy wakes up and goes to start making breakfast.

7:30 Anna Sierra and Mama wake up and try to fall back to sleep.

7:45 Daddy drags the girls out of their warm sleeping bags for breakfast and coffee.

8:00-8:30 (2:00 am O.T.) Jasper wakes up and eats his cereal. Time to wash the dishes:) Anna and Jasper go back inside the tent to pack up and totally not read their books.

 8:30-9:00 Everything else gets packed up into our panniers and the tent gets taken down

9:00/2:00 O.T. We’re off! ( but only if we are really lucky)

10:30ish – 10:45ish Time for 2nd breakfast, better go to one of the 3 different bakeries on the same block for our morning baguette and maybe some pain au chocolat.

 10:45 Wait a second… Time to check the map or maybe the phone (but probably both).

 10:50 Out comes the phone.

10:55 Take a U-turn as Siri likes to tell us.

12:00/6:00 O.T. Time to check the map or maybe wait patiently while somebody super helpful tells us directions and then turn around and completely blank on where to go.

12:05 – You know what? I think that you guys have gotten the message.

12:30 Carrefour time!!! Not excited? Seriously people, Carrefour is a grocery store, what is more exciting than that?
1:00/7:00 O.T. Bring out the baguette, avocado, tomatoes, Brie and humous, it is Sandwich time! Still not excited? Stop being such a party pooper I am trying to have fun here.

1:30 We are off! After checking the map about 20 times that is.

2:00 Jasper and Daddy have an annoying competition and Jasper wins (Daddy doesn’t exactly agree.)

2:30 We bike.

2:45 …and bike…
3:00/9:00 O.T. … And bike and bike and bike some more.

4:00 Flat. Daddy calls his little bike repair minions and it is fixed in no time flat. Ha ha, get it?

 5:00 We usually get into our campground at about this time. Then we check out the playground or set up the tent, maybe even write a blogpost.

6:00/12:00 O.T. Dinner time 😉 Is it time for Stir-fry or sushi. Tonight we are having rice wraps or is it bean burritos or maybe even mini pizzas- the possibilities are endless!

7:00 – 7:30 Showers and dishes youpi!

7:30-9:00 Quick brush your teeth so that we can snuggle up in the sleeping bags and… Read. Or write a post or a book. Any thing goes as long as it is cosy.

9:00/3:00 O.T. Bedtime.

  That’s pretty much our routine-with a couple of museums and about ten more map checks thrown in- but yeah, this is close enough to an inside scoop into life on a roll.
Xoxo Anna Sierra


9 thoughts on “ Slightly random daily routine

  1. Anna – you have a gift for writing – I look forward to seeing your posts.
    Your Mom entertained me daily at work, and now you are doing her job while you are away!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anna, This is one my favourite posts so far. I love learning how people actually do things. This was such a good description of what your days are like. I loved it. I think I’m going to go find a baguette and brie for lunch today. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Darcy! Enjoy your baguette , me and mama keep saying that we won’t be able to go back to regular bread because the baguettes are so good here!


  3. Oh, Max came home from the first day of school and told me that there was a girl in his class with long, dark brown hair and her name is Anna and she has a brother named Jasper. But it wasn’t you!!! I knew who it was because I’ve met her, but Max hadn’t. It was very funny. Miss you guys.


  4. Anna Sierra! This is such a great post – your writing is hugely entertaining and it’s so fun getting a sense of what you all do every day. Your family is better at changing flats than I will ever, ever be. Give everyone big hugs for me and get them to give you one, too.

    Love to everyone!


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