Mountain Goat and a Snow Lion

  A few years ago when we were hiking out of the Grand Canyon, Anna Sierra earned the name Mountain Goat for her fearless climbing and endless energy.

She continues to live up to that name by jumping out from her usual middle spot between my bike and the tandem and sprinting on ahead whenever we hit a hill.

  But the other day, riding past Beauvais through a forest with hills that reminded us of our beloved Gatineau Park, we discovered there was also a Snow Lion on the trip. Dancing on the peddles, giggling all the way up the hills and flying down them, tucked in behind his dad, Jasper was as playfull, cheerful, curious, spirited and powerful as the mythic Tibetan Snow Lions he hears about at Bodhi school.


 With two fierce mountain creatures, we are definitely ready for the hills of Normandy!

 But first we’ll take a rest day in Alencon, repair a snapped peddle and stop at MacDonald’s for 3 orders of fries and 1 Big Mac.

Happy fall!!




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