Stage 5. Paris to Alencon

We followed the Veloscenie route for this leg. 

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2 thoughts on “Stage 5. Paris to Alencon

  1. Dear travelling/absent neighbours! What a huge and delightful surprise it was to receive your lovely postcard from Amiens this morning!! I feel so lucky to be a recipient of snail-mail … The escargot farm seems to have influenced your family’s thinking in so many ways — oh, yes, … you ate them AFTER you left Amiens. I digress.
    It’s lovely reading about your adventures, routines and occasional mishaps. Languages and cultures are so much fun to experience ‘on the ground’ among new friends and strangers. Happy cycling! Judith.


    1. Thanks Judith! We’ve been thinking of you, especially when our route overlapped with a route marked by shells. We saw one pilgrim cyclist in the few days we overlapped. Take care and happy fall, Kathleen, Derek, Anna Sierra and Jasper.


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