Amiens to Paris baby!

from Amiens we headed south west through small towns and a river valley. We found a dedicated cycling path with a dirty base that we rode a while. It was a relief to be away from traffic. There were some of the first big hills of our trip in this leg. At one point I looked up the hill and saw Anna silhouetted by the sky because the hill was so steep

(Anna is always ahead on the hills!)!

Heading south we finally joined up with an official  bike path! We hooked up with the Avenue Verte London Paris (AVLP). This trail was completed for the 2012 Olympics. Finally we had some signs to follow and a route designed for cycling. The route snakes around Paris in a giant S pattern. At times it would say 60 km to Paris on the highway but it was three more days for us!  

On the way to Paris we passed through some beautiful national forests and saw of course castles! This one is in Chantilly. 

We also went to Van Gogh’s favourite hang out  Auvers sur Oise and saw the locations where he painted. You can see his picture of the church in front of the church in the photo above. We also went to his grave site.  Sad story how he died.

 We finally headed straight for the campground when we got west of Paris. We spent a few days in Paris. Of course, we went to the Eiffel Tower!   
   and the Arc de Triomphe. 
W of course did lots of shopping (I got some gear) and rested. We took an extra day there because Jasper fell off a play structure and may have had a concussion.  He’s doing fine now! It was not a concussion.


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