Bon route, bon courage 

Since we arrived in France, everyone  wishes us “Bon route, bon courage !” We feel like we’re in the Tour de France.

These charming wishes took us by surprise at first because we had grown used to the Netherlands where everyone and their Grandma bikes everywhere, regardless of the weather or the destination. 

 But it is so kind and we are now wishing it to each other when we see a big hill or have a long way to go to reach our campsite or have accidentally hit a busy road during rush hour.

At some of the smaller campsites the owners come out in the morning to see us off and wish us “Bon courage.” It’s a powerful blessing.

I’m going to remember it back home when it’s -30 and time to head out to Fisher Park to meet dear friends for a run…or whenever there’s a task to be tackled that seems daunting until you start. 




5 thoughts on “Bon route, bon courage 

  1. Hello Derek and family. I am enjoying the highlights of your journey. It is still very warm in Ottawa but fall is on its way next week. The leaves are slowly starting to turn and the splendor of fall colours will soon be upon us. Stay safe and enjoy your adventure.

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