Stage 9. Mont St Michel to St Malo

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This section was unexpectedly spectacular. We didn’t know much about Brittany before we went to St Malo but I had heard St Malo was pretty so we headed there next. We rode a green way for about 20 km before we headed to the coast. And what a coast!   

   We stayed at a campground in St Coulomb just east of St Malo for a few days as Anna Sierra was sick. This gave me and Jazz a chance to explore so we went to Jacques Cartier’s estate, to see the roches sculptees  and to St Malo. 
    The sculptures just blew j and I away. So funny and fantastic. 


2 thoughts on “Stage 9. Mont St Michel to St Malo

    1. Hi Marlee! We are having a great time although the flight to bogota was stressful. We couldn’t fit all our stuff in a taxi van so we had to take another taxi as well, and then the airline wouldn’t take our bikes in special plastic bags we had ordered from England so we had to put them in boxes in the airport! Luckily we were able to buy boxes in the airport and, in the end, it all worked out just fine. We miss you too!
      Uncle Derek


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