Beautiful Colombia


We LOVE Colombia! We are so glad we decided to turn our two hour stopover into a three week visit. 

We have been visiting old Colonial towns like Villa de Leyva, which has a huge cobblestone downtown that is car free. 

We stayed at an exquisite Airbnb guest house there with a loft bedroom, piles of Spanish magazines and lemon and eucalyptus trees in the backyard. One evening a local school celebrated its anniversary with a giant parade which the kids loved.

We’ve been hiking and walking and meeting lovely people and learning lots of Spanish.

We’ve also enjoyed taking the bus. With convenient, economical service and spectacular mountain views, it’s given us a chance to see more of the country. Last night we took our first night bus – we left Bucharamunga at 6:30 pm and got into Dorodal at 1:00 am. Derek had the brilliant idea of using the pool at the hotel beside the bus terminal for the afternoon while we were waiting to leave. It was so relaxing and it helped the kids sleep on the bus. 

We were going to take a taxi from the bus stop in Doradol (and in  fact the bus driver offered to call us a cab and wait for it to pick us up), but it turned out the bus stopped about 100 metres from the hotel!



The pictures above are actually from San Gil. We had a fun caving adventure there which Anna Sierra promises to tell you all about.

Today I’m hanging out in air conditioning and doing a little shopping while I recover from the flu. Just like when Derek and I lived in Hermosillo, Mexico, we really need to up our fashion game to fit in a little bit with the well dressed Colombians. 

Derek and the kids are off in nearby Rio Claro park, doing some more caving and keeping their fingers crossed for a monkey sighting.

If anyone’s looking for a beautiful, warm and friendly place to visit, we highly recommend Colombia!

Sending all our best,



5 thoughts on “Beautiful Colombia

  1. Definitely have a somewhat different image than the drug cartels that I always associate Columbia with. Is street life really that empty though or are you avoiding taking pics with people in it? Nature looks spectacular.


  2. Hello my friends, what a wonderful race from ALBERT in the north of france, on the parking Mr Bricolage, eating some meet before the rain, vous etes FORMIDABLE et c’est tres fort, merci pour ce voyage avec vous, ces photos and the good energy for me when i’m just looking at you, see you later and good weather for the next thierry courouble, director mr bricolage


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