Manizales has the best public transit 

Manizales is a mountain town in Colombia’s cloud forest coffee region. Along with buses and taxis and a bike share it has Metro Cable!

It takes only a few minutes to soar above the traffic outside the bus terminal and arrive in el Centro via an 8 person cable car. It is brilliant. And site specific. And fast. And comfortable. And offers stunning views of the valleys below. Jasper thinks we should have one to cross the Ottawa River. 


I also loved that the tickets – 1,500 pesos or about $0.70 Canadian – were made of hard plastic and could be reused. 

 The town is also lovely! I took some photos of the busy streets full of people for my friend Hans who was wondering where everyone was in previous street pics.


All the bike share bikes were out when we arrived, but we found some this evening on our way to a vegetarian! restaurant.  

Our street during the day….and in the evening.   
  The church is always open and busy.  
We love that the bike route sign is a dual suspension mountain bike! That’s definitely the right bike for these steep hills.

Sending best wishes from Manizales,



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