Bikes on planes part 2

 Tomorrow morning we fly from Bogota to Havana. This time all three bikes are going in boxes.

We reinforced our boxes with packing tape, then we put the boxes in our fancy plastic bike bags and finally we wrapped them in heavy twine (so folks moving them will have something to hold on to).

Jasper played our favourite tunes while we packed. It was a party. 

In the pictures we are working in the indoor garage of the hotel we’re staying at, A Bogota on Holidays. The staff here has been amazing. They stored our bikes, bike boxes and camping gear while we travelled in Colombia. 

For a special treat after all the packing we called my mom, Grandma Barbara. It was really great to hear her voice and catch up with her. We called from a corner store that also has computers you can book and phones for local and international calls. 

We’re all sad to leave Colombia which has been amazing – super friendly people, stunning hiking and incredible mountains. But we are excited to get back on the bikes and ride in Cuba.

We’ll let you know how it goes for the bikes when we arrive in Havana – although we may post only once in awhile as we’ve heard using the Internet is quite pricey.

Sending warm wishes!




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