San Diego!

We arrived in San Diego a few days ago and are staying in Ocean Beach with an awesome family of bike travellers. I’m posting using free wifi outside Target

We stayed with warm, welcoming, fun and friendly Warm Showers hosts a few times in France and plan to do so here in California too, when we’re not camping in stunningly beautiful parks!

We are planning this year of bike travel in stages so we have some rough ideas about where we’d like to go next (Northish towards Canada) but are very open to suggestions and advice and are definitely taping into the experience and expertise of bike travelling Warm Showers hosts.
 As we found with each Warm Showers host in France, we are blown away by the hospitality here in San Diego. Nicole and her family have made us feel right at home. We’ve had fun getting to know them, trying out their outdoor shower, sleeping on their pool table, eating the avocados that blew off grandma’s tree and doing our laundry.

 Experienced bike travellers and enthusiastic advocates for active transportation in Ocean Beach, we have so much in common.

She and her 14 year old son, Trent, did a big six week bike trip on the east coast this fall. And last summer the whole family, along with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmas did a 22 person bike-barge trip in the Netherlands! Along with these big trips, Nicole’s been leading bike trains to school for years, starting with her own three kids and then inviting their friends and their friends’ parents to join in. As more kids started riding their bikes to school, Nicole started advocating for safer cycling infrastructure. Her passion, commitment and results are inspiring!

It’s taking us some time to recover from the three flights (Havana-Cancun, Cancun-San Francisco, San Francisco-San Diego), a time change and sleeping in the airport, and a new country so we feel really lucky to have such a great home base.

 There’s so much to see in San Diego. So far we’ve visited Dog Beach to watch the puppies and the surfers enjoy the waves, we’ve biked along the water towards downtown, and now we’re restocking at a big box mall – looking for a map of California with camping info, new batteries for Anna’s odometer, camping fuel and a few other little things we couldn’t find in Cuba.

Here’s our route out of San Diego:

 Our next stop is Escondido. Nicole’s mom lives there and invited us to stay when we met over burritos last night. She has a pet tarantula so Jasper can’t wait!
Sending big hugs and warm wishes,



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