Riding in the desert

I’m writing this post in ‘notes,’ sitting on a camping mat outside our tent in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Derek, Anna Sierra and Jasper hiked up the ridge and I can hear them (especially Jasper), chatting their way down the boulders towards me. The light is starting to fade and it’s beautiful with these rocks. 
 Before arriving here we enjoyed another special Warm Showers evening – this time with Ben at the camp where he works – after our toughest riding day ever from Escondido to Julian. This was day two of lots of climbing and beautiful views. We rode by avacado farms, orange trees, whole cliffs full of blooming orange and yellow flowers and lots of vineyards. It was stunning! Here’s the route we took:


 We had more car and truck traffic than we’re used to, but all the drivers gave us lots of space and waited patiently to pass.
It was such a treat to arrive at Ben’s camp. Having completed his own awesome 7 month bike tour, he knew just what we needed when we made it up the last big hill – towels, comfy chairs, free use of the washing machine and the promise of dinner in the dining room within the hour!

Ben lives in a yurt just down the hill from the camp and we had fun checking it out the next morning after a good night’s sleep. It’s a little bigger than the yurts in Gatineau Park where we like to ski in and sleep over, but very familiar.

Derek and I always said a big reason for taking this trip was so the kids could see that there are lots of ways to live, but we’re all having our eyes and our hearts opened, especially through warm showers.
Yesterday our path crossed the famous Pacific Coast Trail and we saw a hiker heading towards the Mexican border. Incredible!  We headed out of Julian and down into Anza Borrego State Park.  Here’s the route:

It’s amazing to be in the desert and we’re going to stay and camp for a few days so we can hike and get to know this beautiful landscape before continuing on towards Joshua Tree.

We’ve heard there’s record snow fall (50cm!!) back in Ottawa. It’s great knowing that our friends are getting a chance to ski and play in the snow.
Sending warm wishes,



6 thoughts on “Riding in the desert

  1. Beautiful area! We’re jealous :). You guys are looking awesome. So glad your trip is going so well. Take care Lise and John

    Sent from my iPad



  2. The rate of snow we see to be accumulating there will be plenty for you to play in! ❄️😊❄️
    Enjoy the heat! Bring it home with you! ☀️
    Continue to have safe travels!

    Best wishes ,

    Rachel xo x 4


  3. Kathleen, if your route includes the San Francisco Bay Area, we’d love to see you. Our “campground” here in Menlo Park has excellent facilities for the rest and repair of both people and bikes!


    1. Cyrus, that is so kind! We would love to visit you and your family and our route will include the San Francisco Bay Area. We should be in your neighbourhood in 3-4 weeks as we’re planning a side trip to Utah with my mom. I’ll send you a note via Facebook. Best, Kathleen


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