Capitol Reef National Park

The kids are pretending they’ve gotten really tall in this picture. They actually have grown, but Derek is still taller.

Often we all hike together, but sometimes, especially if there’s loose rocks or steep sections, Grandma Barbara finds a sunny rock to sit on and wait for us. Jasper always offers to wait with her. 

   Petroglyphs included bighorn sheep.

 Derek found a new shirt at a thrift store yesterday. We have very limited wardrobes, so we’re excited about his new look.

  We were really impressed with the natural bridges. Shaped by storm water over rock of different strengths and qualities, the bridges are a delightful place to play.  


  After lunch (fried egg sandwiches with salsa and apple slices smothered in almond butter and raisins), we hiked the Grand Wash Trail. It was humbling to be small people beside and between enormous canyons.

We finished the day with a big and delicious dinner at Torrey’s Red Cliff Restaurant. Guess who ate what:

1 veggie lasagna 

1 meat lasagna

1 pesto pizza (hold the tomatoes)

1 black bean burger

1 double hamburger

1 sweet potatoe cheesecake with hazelnuts (hint: two people shared that for dessert)

And then we drove back to the motel to soak in the hot tub and swim in the pool. This rental car/motel lifestyle is quite fun.

Hope you’re all doing well! I’ve posted quite a few posts tonight because we’re travelling with the wonderful Grandma Barbara and she has fans who like to know what she’s up to.




4 thoughts on “Capitol Reef National Park

  1. The setting is stunning, lunch sounded amazing and then I read about dinner. This might be my favourite post. Wish I was hiking those rocks right now.


  2. Some really cool places, you are visiting. It’s making me miss Sedona, Arizona. I must go back! I’m really enjoying your posts! Thanks again for sharing.
    p.s. The kids really seem to have grown!


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