Petrified Forest 

  If the conditions are just right, Mother Nature can turn old logs into sparkling, multi-coloured gems. We thought Grandma Barbara would be impressed, but we were all blown away by the rainbow of petrified wood. We could even see bark patterns on some of the larger logs.

We’ve been finding some great places to stay in our travels through Utah. So far we’ve stayed in a cabin in a deluxe RV park, several motels and a cabin on a site that also had tent sites. It was chilly that night so the kids and I shared Grandma’s heated cabin while Derek tried out his new sleeping bag in the tent.Good news! We were all warm!

We’ve decided that although the cabins make it easier to cook outside with our little stove, the motel rooms accommodate all of us the best, so we’ll continue to choose them for the rest of our visit with my mom.

We’ve all been having fun grocery shopping together. The first day we split into teams – Anna Sierra and Grandma Barbara bought lunches, Derek and Jasper were in charge of breakfasts and I took care of dinners. It was fun and fast and my mom loved seeing how competent the kids are at grocery shopping. 

Anna Sierra even saved me $20 by questioning my bill as it was higher than usual. I thought it was high because I threw in a couple of extras like coffee and handcream, but it turns out I was charged for 19 red peppers instead of the one I actually bought. Thanks Buddy!

Sending best wishes,



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