Snow in Bryce Canyon

Jasper missed snow so much we drove up to 9000 feet so he could throw a snowball.


Bryce Canyon was magical with snow on the hoodoos (eroded rock pillars). Since some of us have lightened our bags by getting rid of footware that isn’t sandles, we didn’t do any snowy hikes into the canyons, but the short trails on the ridge line were stunning.

Like Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park has a shuttle service that operates in peak season so visitors can park their personal vehicles and use public transportation to get to the trailheads. Although neither shuttle service was running because we were visiting in early March, I got pretty excited about them. They are a great way to reduce congestion, introduce public transportation to a wide variety of visitors and make parks more accessible for everyone.

Bryce Canyon is a photographer’s dream. We all had fun taking pictures of the magnificent rocks.

We’ll definitely be back to hike and bike this amazing place.

All the best,



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