Snow in the mountains

We woke up to snow this morning.  

 None of the cars in the parking lot outside our motel had the usual scrapers Canadian cars are equipped with. So people were using styrophome plates and their bare hands to clean their windshields. Jasper and Anna Sierra improvised quite effectively with pool towels. They were always creative problem solvers, but after 2.5 months in Cuba they are DIY geniuses.

Today we drove through snowy mountains on very quiet roads towards St. George, in southern Utah. Grandma Barbara will catch a flight home to Ottawa in a few days, so we are making our way towards Las Vegas.

We stopped in Zion Park for another couple of short, stunning, snowy hikes.   


Apparently there have been several mountain lion sightings in the area, but we only spotted two yellow ducks.  
 And some disappearing mountains.  Good thing we told Grandma Barbara to pack some warm clothes for Utah.

 In other news, I’m looking forward to hearing updates from cycling friends in Ottawa about this evening’s consultation on cycling infrastructure on O’Connor Street. Great infrastructure is irrisistable!

Big hugs,



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