We are heading North

   On our last day with Grandma Barbara we visited Valley of Fire State Park. The hiking was incredible.

Then we drove back to Joshua Tree to say hi to Dan and Cindy and to pick up our bikes. Inspired by other bike travellers who rented U-hauls for their bikes (and themselves) when they wanted to travel to or through an area that was either far or didn’t have great infrastructure, we rented a truck to drive ourselves and our bikes from Joshua Tree to LA.


No, this isn’t the truck. Stuntman Carl and his welded dream machine were at Dan’s.

Yes, that is a saw blade.  


Anna Sierra was a conscientious objector and wouldn’t pose with the truck. But we were pretty happy that all three bikes fit so snugly in the back. The drive to LA went smoothly.

We were welcomed warmly by warm showers hosts Mathis and Donna. And delighted to go for a hike with them and their puppies.


Hollywood! The kids were impressed with the sign. And I was also excited that we got to visit Trader Joe’s.

After a lovely visit, we said goodbye to Mathis and Donna. 


And rode through LA to the beach where we followed all the cruisers along the bike path past the Santa Monica Pier.


We stopped for groceries just as it started to rain. As the rain got stronger, we were grateful for shelter and continued to hang out outside Ralph’s, in Malibu. 

Our destination was Leo Carrillo State Park. I wouldn’t recommend riding from Malibu there, especially not on a Friday afternoon as the traffic was both heavy and fast.But we made it.

And this morning the traffic was light, the views were spectacular, and there were lots of other people out riding their bikes.


Yesterday’s rains might have been responsible for the campground flooding.


Luckily a few kilometres away, in Ventura, Leslie, another amazing Warm Showers host was happy to welcome us at the last minute.

Hope everyone is having a great March Break!




4 thoughts on “We are heading North

  1. Just wanted you to know that I am following your every move and totally enjoying your great Blog. I had dinner with Pat and Wayne last night and they told me that you might like to know that I am a follower. YES, YES, YES. I am living vicariously through you all…. Thanks for doing this. What a wonderful memory box for you.


  2. It was wonderful meeting you four this morning in Carpinteria and chatting a bit. We are the couple that toured the PCH with our boy Jordan on our triple bike years ago. You all brought back so many great memories.
    Can’t wait to follow your journey North!
    Safe travels.
    Kristine & Michael Hartman
    Ventura CA


    1. Kristine and Michael, it was such a treat to meet you both. Derek and Jasper are totally inspired by your 63 mile/hour triple speed. We’ll let you know if they get close to it! All the best,


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