Hug Me For Honey: A collection of recipes starring the bike traveller’s liquid gold

  Tofu Honey Sliders
Hobanatter sandwiches
 Sweet lenti- pardon? You want to know the ingredients for the recipe. But I thought it was simple enough, you just read the title, what? You also want me to give you orders like you are my servant, um I thought that this was a blogpo- oh fine! If you Insist I will totally restart. Harrumph.

Tofu Honey Sliders
Ingredients: block of tofu ( preferably with a picture of Kung Fu Panda on the package), your favourite honey 
Prep: Cut the tofu horizontally until you have about six big slabs. Hand them around and let everyone squeeze their own sguiggle of honey. Best enjoyed under a Joshua Tree. 
Hobanatter Sandwiches
Ingredients: Almond butter, bananas, whole wheat flatbreads (any type of bread’ll do, we just like flatties), honey
Prep: Cut the bananas into little wheels (one banana can make about 4 sandwiches if you are neat and tidy or two sandwiches if people are starving. Which we usually are.) Slab the almond butter onto both breads, then plop on the banana wheels, drizzle some honey and stick it all together. Best enjoyed with Grandmas in national parks or as a picnic beside the bike path. 
Sweet honey lentils
This are great if you have any leftover lentils and rice that is too plain to eat and too good to waste.

  Ingredients: cooked and soaked lentils and/or cooked rice, honey
Prep: Has someone been hogging the veggies or the sauce that was meant to go with the lentils? Have no fear, honey is here! Plop a couple of good spoonfuls into your bowl, mix with lentils or rice or anything else you might have and enjoy! Great hot or cold.
Egg Scramwiches
Ingriedients: 8 eggs make about 4 Scramwiches with leftovers in case anybody is still hungry, oil (settled olive oil dressing works too) cheese (optional), salsa or honey(Jasper assured us that honey is absolutely delicious though we were sceptical at first), hot dog buns or regular bread and anything else that might come to mind.
Prep: Scramble the eggs with oil. Slice the cheese. Spoon about one and a half eggs onto one side of the bun, add the cheese slices if you want, and squeeze or spoon a good amount of salsa or honey onto the other side. Best enjoyed in chilly weather!
Super power shots
Ingredients: plain old honey
Prep: Put your head back, put your tongue out and catch that liquid gold.  


One thought on “Hug Me For Honey: A collection of recipes starring the bike traveller’s liquid gold

  1. Mm mm they all sound yummy – although not so sure about the scrambled eggs and honey ….. You must have a pannier full of it!


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