Irresistible infrastructure

As we bike along together, we love taking note of irresistible infrastructure – the kind of paths and routes that make cycling so delightful it becomes the first choice.

Here are a a few of our finds.

From the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California:

Bike roundabouts make it easy for folks to make room for each other, change direction and keep moving. We also loved that sidewalks were fully separated from bike paths so that walking could also be relaxing. And the fully signed bike detours were really helpful.

 With beautiful, well-designed paths, we could see that riding a bike was the first choice for many on campus.

A lot of State Parks have “Bike and Hike” campsites. These don’t need to be reserved, but are group sites – usually located close to showers and water – where you can stay for a night or two.   
  With many of the campgrounds being full, these sites are really helpful for touring. Also, instead of paying $25-$45 for a private site, you generally pay $5/biker or hiker. Sometimes Anna and Jasper stay for free, sometimes not, it depends on the park. Either way we really appreciate knowing that we will definitely have a place to stay when we arrive after a big day. When we were camping in Europe, almost all of the campgrounds were private and the owners always found us a patch of grass to pitch our tent, even if the campground was technically full. But at State Parks it isn’t possible to bend the rules, so Biker/Hiker sites are amazing.  
They are also a great place to meet wonderful, inspiring people like Sylvie from Quebec who was having a fantastic journey even though she experienced a lot of rain.

We were really impressed when Randy and his partner arrived. Derek and I had heard about bike packing where you attach your ultra light gear to your frame instead of using racks and panniers – but we had never seen it in real life. We nicknamed these awesome cyclists ‘The Lightweights’ and imagined them floating down the coast like migrating monarchs who easily cover 100-150 km/day.

Happy riding!




4 thoughts on “Irresistible infrastructure

  1. Hi guys! Sadie and Jesse here. We loved camping with you all at China Camp last night. We hope you had a swift and sunny ride to Petaluma! Come visit Fairfax and we’ll make you toast!


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