9 year olds have great travel ideas

Jasper loves picking up brochures for places to visit at tourist information centres.  
When we visited Petaluma (once home of the world’s biggest chicken pharmacy), he came out with three great destinations. (Thanks Marjorie!)

We tried all three.

I’m a big fan of pie, so the pie shop in town was our first stop. You never know how baked goods destinations are going to work out in our family because I’m allergic to peanuts and Jasper is lactose intolerant, but we love treats, so we like to give it a try. Turns out the pie place uses butter in their famous pastry and shares all equipment with peanutty treats, so we didn’t come out with anything. But it was a lovely place and even had an accordion player in the courtyard.

Jasper’s next two suggestions worked out really well for all of us.

We took a slight detour to Santa Rosa to visit the Charles M. Shultz Museum. I’ve always been a huge fan of Soopy. I love that he types diligently away, on top of his dog house, starting every story with the famous lines, “It was a dark and stormy night…” He might be my favourite writer ever. 

The museum was amazing. We were even able to bring our bikes into the back office so everyone could visit the exhibits. Derek picked up a ‘How to draw Peanuts’ book in the gift shop and we’ve all been trying our hand at our favourite characters.

Yesterday Derek and the kids had a tour of the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield. (I opted to stay outside with the bikes and drink coffee and chat about our travels with random new friends).

I thought Derek might be taking one for the team by supervising the kids on the tour. But after an hour he came out positively gleeful saying the tour was amazing. They loved learning how jelly beans are made, but also getting a behind the scenes look at how a factory works was interesting for everyone. As you might imagine we zoomed up the uphills at the end of the day, fuelled on jelly beans.

We’re not sure where our next destination will be, but I’m sure Jasper will come up with something fun.

Today we’re riding through Davis which is legendary for great cycling infrastructure so I’m excited.

 Happy riding!



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