What we talk about when we’re riding (part 1)

Our new inland route is taking us through all kinds of interesting areas.
We’ve been riding past walnut groves and almond and peach orchards. And lots of hard working honey bees. A few days ago we learned that black walnut trees are the roots and English walnuts are grafted on. This is the first time we’ve seen grafted trees up close. 

I realize that may sound as strange to someone who lives in California as folks getting excited about seeing a corn field in real life might sound to someone from Ontario who has seen a lot of corn growing. But interesting depends on what you’re used to.
Today we saw a small plane spraying the walnut trees. And a number of people spraying the trees from tractors. 

Anna Sierra, whose questions are always astute, asked if scientists are genetically modifying crops so they don’t need pesticides and can be more drought resistant. 
Whenever they are grocery shopping, Anna Sierra looks for economical but organic produce and Jasper looks for the cheapest products he can find.

 We had a big discussion about invasive species at our last camp site, at a county park. Before it became a campground it was a private park. Apparently guests were hesitant to visit because of the rattle snakes, so the owners imported pea fowl.
There aren’t any rattle snakes in the park, but without natural predators, the pea fowl population is booming. We loved seeing the peacocks display their feathers and by the next morning Jasper had developed quite a convincing peacock call,but we did wonder how the other creatures were doing without rattle snakes and with so many peafowl.
As visitors to Northern California, these are some of the things we notice and talk about as we are riding along on our bikes. I love that this trip gives our family so much time to talk and learn and be together.
Hope you are having a fabulous day,



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