Hello Portland!

We took the train to Portland from Redding and arrived here on April 14. Our bikes, which we’ve shipped through BikeFlight, are due to arrive on April 18, when Derek’s parents, Grandma Pat and Grandpa Wayne, fly into town for a long awaited week together.

We have been blessed with an exceptionally warm welcome from our Warm Showers hosts, Creighton and Jokay, who made us all feel right at home and have been an absolute joy to get to know. 



 During our visit we’ve shared lots of great meals and wonderful conversation, had the opportunity to meet two of their four adult children and their partners and even meet some of the neighbours who make up their vibrant street community. 

Yesterday we even got to go for a lovely sunny bike ride together using a collection of their loaner bikes and a borrowed 24 inch bike from their neighbours for Jasper. Anna Sierra had a blast on their daughter’s cruiser! 

Creighton and Jokay have travelled widely, both before their kids were born and with their kids, so we’ve loved hearing about their travels and their warm and wise perspectives on life. 

 As soon as Creighton and Jokay heard we were interested in sustainable transportation, they suggested our first adventure in Portland should be the 4T trail.   

It’s a multi-modal trail that includes a 4 mile hike through an urban forest, a ride on an aerial tram, a trolley and a train. We loved it!    

Jokay kindly dropped us off at the zoo and we followed our 4T trail signs through a gorgeous green forest up to Council Crest where the trees were in bloom and you could see snow capped Mount Hood in the distance.

The trail led us to a community art project mosaic where we stopped for a quick break.

  Lining up for a free ride downhill. (You pay if you’re taking the aerial tram up to the hospital grounds).

We weren’t the only transportation tourists snapping pictures of the amazing views of Portland, including the new transit/bike/pedestrian bridge! We’re looking forward to riding it with Grandma and Grandpa.

  Lots of folks park and ride.  
 View from the train. There is a “Fareless Square” downtown where you can ride the trolley and train for free if your trip starts and ends within the Fareless zone. It’s ingenious ideas like this that make public transit the very best choice that I just love to see during our travels.  
There’s room for bikes, but our fully loaded fleet (especially the tandem) would be a stretch.

 Before we started the 4T trail, Jokay took us to her local library and borrowed a ‘Cultural Pass’for free admission to the downtown Chinese Gardens.    
  Did we mention Jasper likes to read?  
 Anna Sierra wandered through the gardens on a treasure hunt for plants, architectural features and other charming details. What a great day!

Back in Ottawa, it’s almost time for Bike to Work Month. Having helped coordinate this awesome program for the last two years, I must admit I feel a little homesick for the energy and excitement of the month, for folks starting workplace teams and motivating their colleagues to experience how much fun biking to work can be. I’ll take it as a good sign that I miss my job!

 But it’s wonderful to be in Portland, 8 months in to our awesome cycling adventure and I can’t wait to discover all the delights that this famous cycling city has to offer a multigenerational family on two wheels. 

With best wishes,



5 thoughts on “Hello Portland!

  1. Hey! It sounds like the trip has been and continues to be spectacular. It looks like the route has changed some, but if part of the plan is still to take Jasper to Jasper, I wanted to raise the idea that we should all try and meet up, as (you may or may not know) I will also be in Alberta.
    P.S. I’m also totally down to make the pitch that y’all should come up to Edmonton, which is amazing in the summer.

    P.P.S. Hope you’re all doing well!!!!!


    1. Hey Matthew! Good to hear from you! I think meeting up is a great idea and, although our plans change verry frequently, we are still planning to go to Jasper. We probably won’t be there for around a month. We should keep in touch and I’ll let you know when we get closer. Ill think about Edmonton — I have heard good things about Edmonton in the summer.


      1. So you mentioned keeping in touch, and then I immediately fell off the radar with work. But it looks like I haven’t missed you! Continuing to keep in touch sounds great, as it does sound like y’all just live the nomad life to fullest and go where the wind takes you. Hope y’all are still having fun!


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