Our Route: Santa Monica (LA) to Menlo Park (SF)

Here is the route we biked starting in West LA and biking to Menlo Park, south of San Francisco.  We started the route on March 11 and ended it on March 28, with 3 rest days.  This was a beautiful route, with some challenges.  Lots of great scenery through the Big Sur region, but also heavy traffic and narrow roads around Malibu and Big Sur.  Many fantastic towns and cities were visited, and overall we had a great time.  The wind, generally from the north, was difficult at times but not unmanageable.  There were a lot of hills around Big Sur, but relatively flat through other parts (with some exceptions).



2 thoughts on “Our Route: Santa Monica (LA) to Menlo Park (SF)

  1. Sounds like a challenging cycling but beautiful scenery. Ken and I visited that area too. What a wonderful experience for you all. Am so enjoying reading all your posts. Lots of love from London Marjorie


  2. Thanks Marjorie! The scenery was amazing! I’m glad you are enjoying the posts, we are having fun putting them up and reading the comments from everyone.


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