Grandpa’s Happy Place

Grandpa’s Happy Place
Today we biked to Portland’s Japanese Gardens. The ride was lovely. We were all super impressed with strong, athletic Grandma and Grandpa who took the big hill up through Washington Park in stride. 

 Back home in Cambridge, Ontario, these two are regulars at the Y. We know better than to call them in the early morning as they’re always at one class or another – Zumba, weights, yoga, swimming – they do it all. Fitness and friendship is a big and important part of their lives.

 On their visits to Japan to see Derek’s brother Kevin and his family, Grandma and Grandpa enjoy checking out the gardens. They have even created their own Japanese-inspired garden in their backyard.


 After we enjoyed all the quiet beauty and charming views of the garden, we dropped by the Post Office where Derek’s driver’s licence was waiting for him! Woohoo!

We realized it was missing in San Francisco and it’s been a bit complicated to secure a new one while we’ve been travelling, so we are all happy and relieved that we’ll be able to rent a truck again if we need to pass through a region that’s really hard for our family to ride through. It also gives us the freedom to rent a car for side trips to visit some of the beautiful National Parks we are close to.

Wishing everyone a lovely evening,



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