Portland with Grandma and Grandpa

Who are those Happy Helmets? The intrepid travellers, Grandpa Pat and Grandpa Wayne, of course!

We met up at the AirBnB that they rented yesterday, on SW21 Ave, right next door to an organic grocery store and in a fun neighbourhood with 21 bike shops within a three mile radius! We live in a pretty bike shop intense neighbourhood in Ottawa, but this is next level.

It was so fun to knock on the door and have our very own Grandpa Wayne open it. What a treat to spend a week with these very special people.

Grandma and Grandpa rented bikes from Holy Spokes for the week ($100/bike, locks, lights and helmets included) so we could all explore the city together. With the beautiful cycling and walking infrastructure and well-signed routes, it’s easy and so pleasant for all of us to get around on two wheels.


As I write this post, everyone is enjoying a sunny morning. Grandpa is making his famous carrot soup in the kitchen. Anna Sierra is packing a lunch for our day’s adventure which will include a ride down Clinton Ave (a neighbourhood greenway) to some downtown spots.  


 Jasper is reading the books he found at Powell’s Book Store yesterday. Powell’s is four floors of literary magic, so grand you need a map to navigate your visit! It’s the biggest book store in North America. Jasper used his very own money to buy a few books yesterday, so he’s keen to sell them back to the book store at the end of the week to recover his costs. 

Grandma is packing the lemonade and ice for our picnic. And Derek is giving the bikes a quick once over before we set off. 

Life is good in beautiful Portland!




4 thoughts on “Portland with Grandma and Grandpa

  1. So glad to see Pat and Wayne in the picture. I am sure they have been missing you all. What a wonderful family memory. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!


  2. Am very worried you might not ever leave Portland. I have read much about this wonderful city and feel it could easily lure you in and never let you leave. How wonderful to have Pat and Wayne visit and make homemade soup! Enjoy this glorious time.


    1. Oh Darcy, Portland is everything you’ve ever read about it with a very down to earth atmosphere. We do love it here but if we moved here how could I walk over to your house in 10 minutes? And what about cross country skiing in the Gats? Don’t worry, we are having the time of our lives but we promise to come home to beautiful Ottawa and all our friends and relations.


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