Gorgeous Columbia River Gorge

When we first arrived in Portland, we stayed with Jokay and Creighton, warm shower hosts who quickly became dear friends. They gave us great advice about what to see and do in Portland.   
 We loved every suggestion from the kid-friendly Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), to cycling along the Eastside Esplanade, to the exquisite Japanese Gardens, to Powell’s City of Books! If you’re visiting Portland, you should really check out all those places.   
When it was time for us to leave this glorious city – after a lovely week with Grandma Pat and Grandpa Wayne – we decided our route would be Creighton and Jokay’s last suggestion: The Columbia River Gorge.  



 It is so beautiful and bike-friendly. This is one of our favourite routes through the US so far. 



 We are following the old highway 30 which was built at the “dawn of the automobile age” (that’s a quote from one of the many scenic plaques). And now there’s a new, wide, fast highway 84 that all the trucks and cars go on. So we have this lovely windy, scenic route to ourselves. It’s taken us past waterfalls and to lots of lookouts.

Yesterday we arrived in Cascade Locks at 10:30 and thought the town was so pretty we decided to stop and camp, even though it was early. This far into our trip we know a great spot when we see one.
Cascade Locks is a spot Derek and I recognized from Wild, about Cheryl Strayed’s hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. We thought of riding over The Bridge of the Gods to Washington – I love bridges and this one is stunning – but decided instead to hike a short section of the PCT. Someday we’d like to do an epic hike, so it was quite moving to be on this famous trail.

We met a really fun couple at the RV camp last night who reminded us why we love travelling by bike. Just when we’d finished setting up our tent, Grannie Annie and her little dog Cookie came over to say hi. The first thing Annie said was “I am so proud of you people I just had to come over and tell you.” She said she had watched us roll in and set up and couldn’t believe all the things we pulled out of our panniers. She also brought us a ceramic pickle magnet and a ceramic heart baking tester as welcome gifts. She had made them both herself. We had a great chat and after dinner when the wind picked up, we decided to take her up on her kind offer of hot chocolate in her motor home. It was so fun hanging out and getting to know Annie and her husband Dick. They even saw us off the next morning with hugs and apple pie! 

Right now we’re waiting for the tandem’s bottom bracket to get replaced here in Hood River. We’ve found a lovely library where loitering (even extended, all afternoon loitering) is welcome. Tomorrow we’re looking forward to continuing on the old highway 30.

Sending all our best,

P.S. I’ve picked up a new helmet. It’s bright green and awesome. In case anyone (like my mom, Hi Mommy!) who follows these posts regularly is wondering, I didn’t have a crash I’m not telling you about, I just dropped the old helmet quite a few times. 



One thought on “Gorgeous Columbia River Gorge

  1. I am so enjoying your travels and especially your pictures posted to your blog. I love it. Hi to Pat and Wayne -I am following your every step. Love to all….


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