Peek a Boo Mountains! Oregon and Mount Hood


The last few weeks we have spent having a joyous ride through the stunning mountains of Oregon and Washington.  Many mountain passes, snowy peaks, wonderful people, great weather (yes, really!), generally kind drivers, and great camping!  We. Love. The.  Northwest!  It seems like the mountains, the BIG mountains, are playing peekaboo with us.  We ride along in a forested area, or through fruit orchards, turn a corner and suddenly Mt. Hood sneaks into our view!!  Really fun.

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We decided on this route based on a fortuitous encounter with Carol York and Peter Fotheringham, two experienced cycle travelers living in Salmon River, Washington, but who happened to be in the bike shop in Hood River when we were there. Kathleen struck up a conversation and explained some of our challenges finding a good cycling route for our family (mainly we were/are concerned about traffic) and they suggested the Sierra Cascades Route from Adventure Cycling Association. Originally I had wanted to do this route through California, but we hesitated as it has a lot of mountain passes, climbs of over 4000 feet in elevation, and many of the passes were still snow-covered. So we chose a different route. At any rate, after talking to Carol and Peter, Carol said she’d leave the maps at the bike shop for us the next day. When I went to pick them up I found an envelope containing 2 bike maps and a highlighted state map of Washington with alternate routes and side trips! Thank you Carol! Well, the next day we headed further down the Columbia Gorge to The Dalles, and then we headed south into the mountains near Mt Hood, and ended up climbing 4000 feet on a gravel road (I swear the road looked paved in my navigation program!). Well, after doing that, then climbing even higher the next day (up to 4600 feet), Kathleen said let’s do the Sierra Cascades. So from that point onwards we decided to follow the Sierra Cascade Route. We headed back down the mountain, back to Hood River (love that town!), visited our favourite bike shops and bagel cafe, and headed back to Cascade Locks to cross the Bridge of the Gods (great name!), into Washington.  

The Bridge of the Gods from the Washington Side


And what about Washington?  Well!  You’ve read Kathleen’s posts, so you know it was amazing–I’ll explain our route in a future post!




5 thoughts on “Peek a Boo Mountains! Oregon and Mount Hood

  1. It was such a huge pleasure having all of you stay with us and being a part of your adventure. You have inspired us! All day sunday Carrie and I found ourselves wondering how your day was going on the San Juan Islands and thinking about you and your travels. I hope the clouds parted so you could see beautiful Mount Baker. Don’t hesitate to call us on your way back through Anacortes if you need a place to stay or a ride or anything at all. Safe travels and lots of trail magic! Jude, Carrie, Gabo, Gianna, Isaiah…and Micah too.


    1. Hi Jude, Carrie, Gianna, Gabo, Isaiah, and Micah (in absentia!), thanks again for taking us in and giving us a feast! We loved hanging out with your beautiful family–so much warmth, love and fun! We had a great day on San Juan Island and camped at the county park. The next day we rode to Lime Kiln Park in search of whales (unsuccessful ) but we came across a live feed classroom event wherein a scientist was a talking via the internet to 3 classes all over Washington! Jasper got his school on and was answering all the questions – he wanted to jump into the live feed! We learned all about whales and their funny calls. Now we are on Lopez and loving it-very tranquil. All the best and we will definitely contact you if we need anything in Anacortes! And if you are ever coming hrough Ontario please let us know all the best,
      Derek Kathleen Jasper and Anna


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