Exploding Tires and Holey Tubes

We are getting closer and closer to 10,000 kilometres every day. That is a long way to bike! 

A few days ago as we were biking out of Cashmere, the tandem’s back tire popped. Luckily we had a spare tire. And one last 20 inch tube. We were planning to get a new tube and possibly a new tire in Lake Chalen, but when we arrived we found out that the bike shop was permanently closed.

Over the past two days, there have been about five more flats.  Once Anna Sierra and I scooted ahead up a hill and then stopped to wait for Derek and Jasper. After 5 minutes, when we didn’t see them, we rode back down the hill and found them camped by the side of the road, with a flat, waiting for the tools (Anna’s been carrying them). After that we have been riding closer together.

Today we made it to Winthrop and a glorious bike shop which had 20inch tubes and extra patch kits. Yay!

We think everything is fixed now, but we’ll see how the tire is in the morning. 

Pro tip: Be careful where you store your spare tubes. Shove them into your pannier and they can get scratched and weakened.



Update: our friend Kurt was right! The rim tape was worn out. Now that Derek’s replaced it, we haven’t had any more flats.


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