Minivan from Vancouver to Jasper

Jasper himself will tell you all about arriving in his namesake National Park and Town. It was one of our very first planned destinations in the early stages of mapping our route. And we are all delighted we connected our Jasper with Jasper. It has been every bit as special as we had hoped it would be.

But I wanted to share how we got here:

We rented a minivan for two days from Vancouver to Jasper. It was $200 + about $100 in gas. There wasn’t an additional fee to drop the minivan off in another town or province. 

By folding down two seats in the first row and one seat in the second we were able to fit all three bikes in. We only had to turn the handlebars on my bike and Anna’s bike and remove the handlebars on the tandem!

It rained through much of the trip and the highway between Vancouver and Kamloops – although it was marked as a bike route – didn’t look very family friendly, especially with speed limits of 110km/hour and lots of trucks, so we were happy to be driving.

In Kamloops we had a wonderful camp breakfast with my friend and former colleague Josie:

And then we drove on to Jasper via Wells Grey Provincial Park and Valemount. If we had more time we would have loved to have ridden Kamloops to Jasper. The scenery was stunning, the traffic was light and the shoulders were generous.

As soon as we got into Jasper we couldn’t wait to get rid of the minivan and get back on our bikes.  We are scrappy in vehicles and somehow we manage to make them smelly after a day or two!

Originally we were thinking of taking the train for this part of the trip but it would have been at least $600 with extra fees for the bikes.

Happy trails!



2 thoughts on “Minivan from Vancouver to Jasper

  1. Riley just asked today if it was Jasper’s birthday yet and if you guys made it to Jasper! So glad it was so special for Jasper to be in Jasper. Enjoy buying lots of Jasper gear, Jasper! And Happy Birthday from Riley, Annika, Sara and Erik!


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