Fathers Day and The Icefields Parkway 

(This is written by Derek –I’m having some technical difficulties so I’m writing in Ks account)   In Jasper, after Jaspers birthday, we celebrated Fathers Day and what a day it was!  I didn’t have to cook or pack up or anything!  Anna made breakfast and dinner and Jasper got the fire started.  It was glorious. After Jasper we headed south on Highway 93 otherwise known as the Icefields Parkway. It is billed by some as ‘the most beautiful road in the world’. See what you think!

Below is our friend Shael who shared our site in Jasper for a night. He was on a 17 month tour and has crossed through Europe and Asia!  

Thumbs up for best Fathers Day ever!!!

We also crossed two passes over 6000 feet and biked to the glaciers. Yes this road lived up to the hype!



2 thoughts on “Fathers Day and The Icefields Parkway 

  1. Hello Wilker Family! It was great to meet you along the Icefields Parkway! I was the solo cyclist who I believe took the last picture you have posted for this day. What a wonderful family! Your joy, kindness, and happiness was contagious and I caught it. Thanks so much for that! Hope your magical journey continues to be as incredible as you described during our brief encounter. If you are ever headed towards Wisconsin, please let me know. Keep enjoying!!!


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