Campgrounds and country music

As I write this, sitting at a campground picnic table in the late afternoon sunshine, listening to country music from across the way and eating tortilla chips, I’m feeling so relaxed and happy. We’ve got laundry on the line that’s almost dry. It had an extra rinse cycle this afternoon when we were grocery shopping and it poured. But soon it will dry. 
My dad loved country music. Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, that era. I love it too. It’s full of poetry and stories.

We rode a short 30km this morning, from Fernie to Sparwood, to avoid the long weekend traffic heading back to Calgary this afternoon. It was hard to stop since we had a strong tailwind and the weather was cool. But I’m glad we did. The traffic is bumper to bumper now and tomorrow morning we’ll set off early on quiet roads.

This afternoon, after we set up the tent (and washed the stinky bike shorts by hand), we rode a kilometre into town to the most luxurious aquatic facility we’ve visited since France. For just $11.40, all four of us swam, soaked in the hot tub, sweated in the sauna, and played water basketball. 

My right shoulder has been bothering me lately. I stretch it daily and the whole family takes turns giving it massages when it really acts up, but it’s still stiff and sore, especially when the road is rough or the days are long. It felt so good to soak in the hot tub under the full power of the jets.

Derek and the kids borrowed discs from the pool to play disc golf. That’s playing right now. 

In a few moments I’ll blow up our thermarests and start chopping peppers for the pizza. But right now there’s nothing I need to do but sit here in the sunshine, listening to the ground squirrels chirp and the country tunes. And that feels amazing.

Hope you’ve all had fun and relaxing Canada Day weekends!




6 thoughts on “Campgrounds and country music

  1. Hey y’all! This is Ty Dawley, the Portland2Portland cyclist you met in Cascade Locks, Oregon. I’m about 4,000 miles into my trip. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania right now. Y’all have been mentioned in every single one of my stories about my trip. Would love to hear from y’all. 509-460-2920 or or Instagram at Portland_2_Portland 🙂


    1. Ty! We think of you often and have been sending you thoughts of blue skies and tailwinds! Yesterday we bought a pint of coconut ice cream and ate it straight up with four spoons! Big hugs and best wishes, Kathleen, Derek, Anna Sierra and Jasper


  2. Hi Everyone.
    Wish we could have been in Fernie to show you around. You will have to come back another time. Did tell our kids to keep a look out but they didn’t see you. Was the water park in Fernie or Sparwood?
    Linda and Ralph


    1. Hi Linda and Ralph! The water park was in Sparwood. We loved Fernie and would love to come back and do another epic hike with you two! We think often of you two and all other hikes are compared to the Sentinel Pass one for awesomeness factor.
      Derek, Kathleen, Anna Sierra and Jasper


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