Paid in Full!

We officially paid off our line of credit from the trip this morning.

I’m excited we’ll be starting 2017 debt free and will now be ready for new adventures. Like saving for retirement, supplementing post-secondary savings for the kids and starting a new savings account for more trips!

Our pre- and post- trip expenses were higher than we originally budgeted because we did some home renos before leaving including: new windows, a new front door, new eavestroughs, attic insulation, electrical improvements and squirrel removal. When we came home we had some more big expenses including property taxes, a new sofa and a full year of home and car insurance.

Fortunately we also had some big lump sums to offset these expenses including our tax returns and our child tax benefit which we received once we filed.

I’m including these expense details because they are part of the ‘how much does it cost to go away for a year’ discussion. And I hope to offer anyone who is planning to fund their own dream adventure a realistic idea of how to do it and what it costs. Because making stuff happen is a lot easier when you know how much it costs.

Here we are with Jasper’s new selfie stick, enjoying our cozy kitchen.

We have been having a great time connecting with friends and family and colleagues and classmates and neighbours.

Over the holidays we are excited about visiting with our beautiful family and playing in the snow.

Wishing all of you the most wonderful 2017,



6 thoughts on “Paid in Full!

  1. Delayed Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you guys.
    After talking with you in Waterton and following your adventures you’ve inspired us to make some major lifestyle changes, that will enable us to have more adventures on bike and kayak.

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  2. Wow! I’m sipping my coffee, googling, and just found your blog. What a great way to start 2017! And, I can’t wait to cruise around your site and enjoy the silence a bit more before the kids are up. Bike touring with our girls is something we dabble in but have dreams of a much bigger journey with them, so thank you for the inspiration! Kind regards, Lindsay

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