Here’s a link to the original plan.  And below is the reality so far.

We started on August 1st, 2015, flying from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to Amsterdam, Netherlands.  We biked through the Netherlands for 2 weeks, Belgium for 1 week, France for 7 weeks, and Spain for 1 week.   Essentially we biked from Amsterdam to Barcelona, with a few legs completed by train.  We biked about 2500 kilometres through Europe.  We flew out of Europe on October 30, 2015.

After Europe, we flew to Colombia, where we biked for 2 days, participating in Cyclovia, a massive street-closing cycling party.  After that we packed the bikes up and left them in boxes at a hotel and hiked and travelled by bus throughout Colombia.  We stayed in Colombia for a total of 3 fantastic weeks.

After Colombia, we landed in Cuba on November 24, 2015, and cycled the island for 10 weeks, biking and studying Spanish.

From Havana, Cuba, we flew to Mexico for a layover day, then San Francisco, then San Diego on February 12, 2016.  We explored California, zigzagging across the state, and rented a car in Joshua Tree to explore Utah for 9 days by car with Grandma Barbara.    Then we changed vehicles, rented a truck, and drove the bikes to Santa Monica, near Los Angeles, California.  After staying a few days in L.A. we biked the Pacific Coast of California between L.A. and San Francisco (Menlo Park).  On April 1, we started our Northern California segment, biking through Sonoma County, Napa, and the Sacramento Valley to end up in Redding on April 12. Our bicycle odometers are reading 8500 kilometres.    On April 14, we took the train to Portland.

We stayed in Portland for about 10 days, where my parents met us and we enjoyed the Portland cycling infrastructure and shop shop shopped (lots of outdoors stores in Portland, probably the highest concentration in the lower 48 States).

After Portland, we headed east down the beautiful Columbia Gorge, to Hood River, where we decided to follow the Sierra Cascades Route through Washington.  We looped through the Cascades to emerge at Anacortes, and headed into the San Juan Islands for a few days, before heading to Bainbridge Island on May 25 to meet some friends we met in Cuba.  We spent one day in Seattle and then headed over to Port Angeles to catch the ferry to Victoria, and we were back in Canada on May 31!  At this point we had done 10,600 kilometres.

We visited friends in Victoria for a few days and then headed up the east coast of Vancouver Island, to Comox, where we took the ferry to Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of the mainland on June 6.  We headed south on the Sunshine Coast and spent a few days in Vancouver.

On June 13 we rented a minivan and drove, via Kamloops, to Jasper, Alberta.  We spent a few days in Jasper (celebrating Jasper’s birthday!) and then headed south on the Great Parks North Route.  We left Jasper on June 19.  We rode through Alberta to Banff and visited a friend in Canmore before continuing on to Invermere to visit more friends.  We also went to Waterton National Park then crossed the border into Montana on July 7.  We headed through Glacier National Park, via the Going-to-the-Sun Road, and then west to Whitefish Montana.  We ended our Western North America segment of our trip in Whitefish.

On July 17, we will be taking a train from Whitefish to Buffalo, New York, where we will bike through Ontario to visit friends.  The tentative plan is to rent a minivan near Toronto and drive it back to Ottawa to return home for July 28.  If we have time we will try to bike home.

And that is/was our trip!!  I wrote this in Whitefish, Montana on July 13.