Slightly random daily routine

So I was thinking about what to write when I realized, well you guys knew where we go and what we see you don’t know how we get there every day. So, here is a post about our routine, and what is likely to happen on a normal day ( which we have about every three days).

7:00 (1:00 Ottawa time) Daddy wakes up and goes to start making breakfast.

7:30 Anna Sierra and Mama wake up and try to fall back to sleep.

7:45 Daddy drags the girls out of their warm sleeping bags for breakfast and coffee.

8:00-8:30 (2:00 am O.T.) Jasper wakes up and eats his cereal. Time to wash the dishes:) Anna and Jasper go back inside the tent to pack up and totally not read their books.

 8:30-9:00 Everything else gets packed up into our panniers and the tent gets taken down

9:00/2:00 O.T. We’re off! ( but only if we are really lucky)

10:30ish – 10:45ish Time for 2nd breakfast, better go to one of the 3 different bakeries on the same block for our morning baguette and maybe some pain au chocolat.

 10:45 Wait a second… Time to check the map or maybe the phone (but probably both).

 10:50 Out comes the phone.

10:55 Take a U-turn as Siri likes to tell us.

12:00/6:00 O.T. Time to check the map or maybe wait patiently while somebody super helpful tells us directions and then turn around and completely blank on where to go.

12:05 – You know what? I think that you guys have gotten the message.

12:30 Carrefour time!!! Not excited? Seriously people, Carrefour is a grocery store, what is more exciting than that?
1:00/7:00 O.T. Bring out the baguette, avocado, tomatoes, Brie and humous, it is Sandwich time! Still not excited? Stop being such a party pooper I am trying to have fun here.

1:30 We are off! After checking the map about 20 times that is.

2:00 Jasper and Daddy have an annoying competition and Jasper wins (Daddy doesn’t exactly agree.)

2:30 We bike.

2:45 …and bike…
3:00/9:00 O.T. … And bike and bike and bike some more.

4:00 Flat. Daddy calls his little bike repair minions and it is fixed in no time flat. Ha ha, get it?

 5:00 We usually get into our campground at about this time. Then we check out the playground or set up the tent, maybe even write a blogpost.

6:00/12:00 O.T. Dinner time 😉 Is it time for Stir-fry or sushi. Tonight we are having rice wraps or is it bean burritos or maybe even mini pizzas- the possibilities are endless!

7:00 – 7:30 Showers and dishes youpi!

7:30-9:00 Quick brush your teeth so that we can snuggle up in the sleeping bags and… Read. Or write a post or a book. Any thing goes as long as it is cosy.

9:00/3:00 O.T. Bedtime.

  That’s pretty much our routine-with a couple of museums and about ten more map checks thrown in- but yeah, this is close enough to an inside scoop into life on a roll.
Xoxo Anna Sierra